Sunday, April 26, 2009


Let's see bloggong is the last thing i have time for, but tonite the girls are asleep and i'm awake so i'll blog a big post. Doesn't seem possible but our baby turned ONE yes the big ONE. With the great help of laura making a great invite and dee metz making a great cake we had a blast. Laura has now started soccer, softball, and doing 4-h getting ready for the fair. The softball team colors are pink and lime green i don't think we will miss them on the field. So laura has me going all the time. Lydia has attend so many bday parties it seems like a routine to have one every weekend if not two. Also she is ready for us to get our own cows the land lease was up april 15th and she said NOW WHERE ARE OUR COWS AT. We told her it would be awhile for cows and if mommy has a say alot longer than her and daddy would want. Elizabeth is a very busy baby or mommy is old yes i said that word, cause this girl puts mommy to bed. Into everything and so full of it. Daddy and her are the best of buddies wait who am i kidding she is a big daddy's baby. But we are enjoying her i just don't remember the other two being so busy all of the time. Now in the month of april we have had a big birthday, and a New baby come. Yes Braxton Ross Woods arrived on April 23rd at 9:31 A.M He was ready to see the world mom, dad , sister, brother, and baby are great. If only he would of waited till lunch or just hurried to my 8:30 mark, but oh well it was being there for everything else that was fun, Thanks Kirby LOL. Lets my firend amber from tulsa had her baby it was a girl. CONGRATS to AMBER, MIKE, And BIG SISTER HADLEY. She will do a great job and from the pics it looks like she doing a great job already. Here are lots of pics to enjoy of everything we ahve been doing. OH also we watched Katie at prom so pretty. Also we went to the tulsa zoo and loved here are pictures Image and video hosting by TinyPicof that too. My nephew stephen. Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic This is the baby babba and grandma pat got her for her bday and we love it my grandma made her the clothes and balnket. Elizabeth likes to throw the baby.Image and video hosting by TinyPic look she even got a foo-foo bag for her bday likes it as long as the feather don't touch her.Image and video hosting by TinyPicdaddy trying to get her to play in the ball pit, not working she hates it.Image and video hosting by TinyPicso they moved to sand and water table she loves it.Image and video hosting by TinyPicher cakeImage and video hosting by TinyPicin birthday dressImage and video hosting by TinyPicBraxton Ross he's Here.Image and video hosting by TinyPicThe wild Crew Laura, Lydia, Elizabeth,Briona, Landon and Braxton.Are we in for a long ride KIrby.Image and video hosting by TinyPicEnjoying prom time as we wait for kate-kate.Image and video hosting by TinyPichere thay are katie and cody.Image and video hosting by TinyPicLydia and friends after playing in the mud puddles. Laura no new pics of she is way to cool for mom to tkae her picture. Hope you enjoyed.

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